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Single Ply

Licensed contractors of a wide range of systems utilizing a variety of methodology for components and fixings to cater for virtually any roof construction.

Using membranes of manufactured to exacting standards ensures that the full performance of the sheet in terms of life expectancy and robustness will meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Based in Bristol will supply and install roofing systems throughout the UK fully adhered or mechanically fixed with a life expectancy of over 30 years incorporating manufacturers guarantees from 12 to 20 years available.

Felt Roofing

FRC Roofing UK provide perhaps one of the most traditional and prevalent indicators of a building is the flat roof.

FRC Roofing UK has a proud heritage in Felt waterproofing systems for flat roofing, so you can trust we’ll provide a roof that protects your building against the very worst the environment throws at it.

FRC Roofing UK utilizing ICOPAL torch safe systems has moved with the times to offer the latest technology in Felt Roofing Systems.

FRC Roofing UK and ICOPAL offer fully guaranteed systems for 20 years.

FRC Roofing UK are proud to have offered their clients ICOPAL systems technology for recent works at Pittville School Cheltenham Collage.

Pitch Roofing

Metal Bending

We offer:
Bending of metal flashings for cladding systems and single ply systems up to 3 meters long.
Bending of self-supplied metal sheets.
Supply and bend sheets.

We have a great customer base and realise that sometimes you need to bend metals at a drop of a hat and we will do our best to do this and meet deadlines.

Please see below feed back from our customer:

I have been using FRC to bend and cut our metals for over two years they are very reliable and provide us with a great efficient service and product, nothing is too much trouble and I have recommended FRC to other contractors who now use Frc to preform there metal trims.

Ryan – Roofing contractor Bristol.

Trusted Partners

FRC Roofing is staffed with licensed contractors for Sika-Trocal, Icopal and others. These are well-known quality roofing systems which are regularly specified by architects across the UK.
The products are guaranteed and work is inspected whilst in progress and after completion by these manufacturers to ensure that the work is carried out to their satisfaction and the clients’.

These roofing systems are safe to apply, environmental friendly, and recyclable.